Green 'Āina Planning & Engineering




From urban to rural, Green 'Āina has experience with Land Use and Community Planning.  


With our licensed Civil Engineer, we have experience designing private and public facilities. 

Safety and efficiency were the design priorities for these high traffic remote sites.  The design provides for physical separation between commercial and pedestrian traffic and intuitive traffic flows. Incorporation of recycled products in the construction materials demonstrates the complete circle at these recycling and rural rubbish drop off sites.

Nested in the heart of the steep slopes of Kailua-Kona, the site design was focused on comfortable access for the patients of the facility.  The layout is inspired by garden terraces and provides ramps between drop-off and access areas.   

Due to a very dry climate that is punctuated by intense rainfall, Waikoloa is a challenging environment. The Kingdom Hall design priority was to take advantage of the typical light rain by using it to provide water to the landscape areas. At the same time it was necessary to provide overflow protections for the intense rains to mitigate erosion and protect the site's neighbors. The cement concrete parking lot reduces heat island effect.

LeAna B. Gloor, Green 'Āina's resident land-use and community planner, was a member of the team working on the County of Hawaii Community Development Plan (CDP) for the Hamakua, North Hilo, and rural South Hilo districts from 2008-2014.

Some of our projects were completed before Green 'Āina's inception. Take a look below at our other work.


This award winning project was the beginning of re-vitalizing downtown Port Angeles. It included installation of water mains and new concrete paver sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic bubbles, and landscape planters. By partnering with the downtown business owners we were able to develop construction strategies and market the project to the community. We did this by limiting active construction to a very small area at any given time and encouraging the community to come see the progress of the work and support their local businesses.

An outdated transfer station gets a modern redesign


The primary objective was to create modern, one stop facilities that emphasize material diversion and convenient customer service.



This spectacular historic bridge on the Hamakua coast required a structural retrofit and widening in order to meet today's traffic needs.  Construction management on this Hawaii DOT project was challenged by the remote location, site access and erosion sensitivity, and the requirement that bridge remain open to traffic throughout construction.